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"I’m Arnaud, a self-shooting Director & Freelance Filmmaker and Photographer, a husband, a dad, a brother and an ex-professionnal rollerblader".

I grew up in Dunkerque, France and although now based in the gorgeous city of Berlin, I shoot weddings right across Germany, and destination weddings abroad.

I’m a genuine camera-journalist and have a passion for creating films and capturing stories. I get a buzz when I see images that have emotion, humour and candour.

A filmmaker to me, needs to show an element of humanity and I often say that I simply shoot “people being people”.

I love to shoot weddings and see it as a privilege to be involved in this special day.

I live in Berlin with my dream wife and our 2 kids.

Outside of video / photography I love to cook with a glass of wine listening to music.

A few other little snippets about me: 

I have lived in Boston USA, in Edinburgh UK and in Cannes (Côte d'Azur, France). I speak German level B2 and I will never, ever make you say “cheese” to a camera.

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Berlin based Filmmaker, Editor and Photographer

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